Good mix

In the midst of my reading Thoreau’s Walden, I get my income tax refund.  That’ll keep me from splurging…

Now, where are those bills?  Fuel, kids’ teeth, and kids’ trips to the doctor.  Hoping to wedge in a new pair of glasses for me onto the expense list, profligate wastrel that I am.  I fear this is the year when I can’t fake enough of the letters on the driver’s license test and have to start wearing my specs to drive.

Which raises the question: with all the people texting while driving, shouldn’t some of ’em be wearing bifocals for that?

My son did his first tax return this year, took him all of thirty seconds to understand that the government was giving him back the money they borrowed from him, not sending him a gift.  Why does it take other people so long to figure that out?

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