The pepperbox revolver is…

The pepperbox revolver was a little pistol with six barrels which was intended by its creator to fire one barrel at a time and then rotate to the next.  Interestingly, it would as often as not fire all six barrels en banc, astonishing the shooter and inconveniencing passersby.  Very effective, as “if it didn’t get what it was after, it would fetch something else”.  This little adventure in firearms was, in Mark Twain’s words, “confounded comprehensive”, which suits the purposes of this blog to a “T”. Here you will find religion, politics, rants on the sublime and the mundane and what may be most honestly described as a transcription of things said to my car windshield as I drive.  I refuse to repent if you are offended, and will promise no specific performance except to apologize if you get bored…


Charles Rolland

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