The exact right word

Rush Limbaugh has committed the cardinal sin of broadcasting– causing his sponsors to flee– not because of his opinion, but of the oafish and clumsy way he expressed it.  A Georgetown law student appears before a congressional committee and tells them that she needs someone else to pay for her birth control, because birth control for a law student could cost as much as $3000 for her three years in school.  Here’s what El Rushbo should have said:

“I did the math, and that’s about 1300 condoms a year from Walgreens.  Any student who needs that much protection is working her way through college… or is at least attempting a double major.”

See?  The same listeners would have been steamed, but when you stay this side of the Howard Stern line, your advertisers don’t have to run for the hills.  You can do more with a rapier wit than with a curmudgeon’s bludgeon.

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